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Friday, March 02, 2007

Boredom At 3 AM


It's a well known fact that lack of sleep, coupled with expected periods of little or no sleep, leads humans to turn into werewolves. Now now, don't laugh. It's the truth. Try it. Stay up two whole days, and on the night of the third day at 3am, look at the moon, and you'll automatically start making "Oooooo!" noises. I did, and now that I'm out of jail (thanks Sana for posting bail), I can tell you about prison.

It's a decent place.

The lighting is bad, and it could do with a room freshener. Food is not exactly great but they make great mutton goop on Sunday nights when all the inmates gather around the black and white television and watch Chitrahaar. Oh iPod! How I missed you!

But jail isn't all bad. There's a lot to look forward to in prison. Like the conversation is fantastic. Nobody talks about mundane stuff like music and movies. Oh no! It's all murders and rapings here coupled with the usual who's-seeing-who gossip and who's-gonna-snuff-it-tonight updates.

Also to add to the excitement is the whole conjugal visit scene. Given that all the inmates are men and ironically, have no mates, there's a French midget whore who has been assigned the duty of 'fulfilling' a daily conjugal visit. You know, to keep spirits up and everything.

There's also a completely different underground music scene there. Since inmates aren't allowed to keep any items of entertainment in their possession, they are forced to bury these smuggled items under their beds. I was surprised to find an old Hum Log - The OST tape under my bed. That show went off the air so, so long ago.

Good times, good times.

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